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Love the Code Labs

As a matter of fact, I trained in the Sciences since early on in my education. Shocked was I to experience a workload dealing with many different programming challenges that deal with matters of presentational programming and markup.

A type of XML that shows many differing benefits to its study is that of MathML (Mathematical Markup Language).

Much like the difference between the types of XML dealing with Mathematics there are in todays standards, there are differing types of programming. For a little background information, there are two types of MathML rendered in compatible browsers, today.


Presentational MathML deals with markup of Mathematical equations, dealing mostly with how the markup looks to the viewing person.

Also in existence is Content MathML, which is an XML definition of the meaning of the equation contained in the code, for example.

Different types of programming can be thought of with much insight when thinking of the similarity between MathML and Programming. Programming for presentation involves
mastery of HTML and stylistic markup, such as CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). There are indeed many different levels of study in consideration of these differing types of
markup. There are huge improvements made recently in the standard upgrades and adoption of HTML5 and CSS3, for example.

If HTML5 and CSS3 are examples of presentational programming, what is their corresponding equivalent in Content MathML, to extend the similarity?

Though mathematics of presentation are important, programming efficient and mathematically valid algorithms that power an application are of immense value. It could mean
the difference of a program reaching a complex solution in 3 days versus 3 seconds.

The interest I had in pursuing my orginal training in the mathematics of a pre engineering major have been rekindled upon the learning of the existence of important Comp
uter Science algorithms. My interest has been so piqued, that I have enrolled in a Machine Learning class, and am learning much about the subject of Artificial Intellege

In order to learn the most efficient way of solving any given problem, the GNU Octave program I am learning about, in order to take advantage of the high-level linear algebra and matrix-based mathematics.

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