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Love the Code Labs

We at Love the Code Labs have upgraded the SupportChat feature, and it is now accessible at the Support Chat links in our website menus (above and below), or also available via our Love the Code Labs Android App, in the Google Play store.

The LTC SupportChat is based upon an open source C++ based IRC Chatroom, running on the server, and a open source Perl based IRC client. Though LTC SupportChat is publicly available, the chatroom is password protected and secured by SSL encryption. The only participants will be interested patrons visiting the chatroom, via the web or Android app, or kind Operators with proper authentication.

Operators are summonned by email and SMS messages immediately, upon the need for support. Thank you for your patience upon having questions for us at LTC Labs.

Though learning iOS/Apple/Objective-C programming after learning Android/Java programming was difficult at times, a successful prototype was developed for an iPhone Game App, and the title will soon be published in the Apple App Store!!

As a matter of fact, I trained in the Sciences since early on in my education. Shocked was I to experience a workload dealing with many different programming challenges that deal with matters of presentational programming and markup.

A type of XML that shows many differing benefits to its study is that of MathML (Mathematical Markup Language).

Much like the difference between the types of XML dealing with Mathematics there are in todays standards, there are differing types of programming. For a little background information, there are two types of MathML rendered in compatible browsers, today.

In the high-technology world of Cloud Computing, Smartphones, and Data Synchronization, one can look to Love the Code Labs for a realiable helpdesk solution to any problems with technology. We specialize in Web Design and Development, Android programming, Website management and support.

Google offers their App Engine for cloud application hosting in Java and Python. This service is scalable, as well. To create web services, one can utilize their well administered App Engine service. The advantages of deploying a web application to the cloud are enumerated on Wikipedia's entry for Cloud Computing: "... cloud computing allows enterprises to get their applications up and running faster, with improved manageability and less maintenance, and enables IT to more rapidly adjust resources to meet fluctuating and unpredictable business demand." It seems that cloud computing is a term that inherantly implies that Information Technology will begin to adhere to the various web standards in existence, today, to allow operations to be better handled in a distributed web environment.

Atlantic Alano Android AppThe Atlantic Alano Android App is published in the Google Play Store. Please visit atlanticalano.info for details on how to get the Android App or go to the App Link in the Google Play Store. The app involved programming with the Android SDK and requires Android v2.1+. There are many ideas for features to be included in future releases.

The creation of my second Android Prototype has me very excited. The unification of Android Stylistic Layout with the Android Framework's Widgets and SQL databases allow for strongly programmed applications, running on widspread modern smartphone devices! 

When it comes to choosing a Content Management System (CMS) for one's website, Joomla is an excellent choice. In addition to being robust and well documented, it is extremely easy to use and maintain. The Joomla web application integrates with all kinds of media, and makes use of a database backend. It is ideal for any kind of site, from small sites with a few pages to large, many-page sites. Backing up Joomla is also very easy. When it comes time to choose a CMS for a website, using Joomla makes the process of web creation and maintenance much easier.

200px-modelviewcontrollerdiagram2.svg-100x45Design Patterns and Frameworks allow a coder not to have to reinvent the wheel for many coding situations. The MVC architectural pattern is fascinating area to study after becoming familiar with Java website operations with Tomcat. Dr. Burbeck states, in his description of the MVC framework in Smalltalk, in 1987, that "In the MVC paradigm the user input, the modeling of the external world, and the visual feedback to the user are explicitly separated and handled by three types of object, each specialized for its task."

cloud-100x73With the availability of multiple server programming technologies, the sudden appearance of full web capable mobile smartphones, and the eventual adoption of the HTML5 standard, cloud programming is an exciting opportunity, that may present diverse programming needs. Writing applications able to interface through a HTML5 capable browser for all desktop, laptop, and mobile OSs, will be the programming challenge of the future! Combining these technologies with the layout programming of CSS3 will make for superior stylistic and functional properties.

Apache Tomcat, a way to have Java-based programs serve web pages, is a fascinating technology. Pages can be written in Java, which is a high-level full programming language. As O'Reilly's "Java Server Pages" states, it can also separate page layout from application processing functions.

andpi-99x147The Android OS, based upon the Java programming language, allows for the development of amazingly useful applications, easily. An example is the Pi Calculator, borrowing the algorithm from the Mathematics section of Wikipedia, Pi can be estimated to an incredible number of decimal places. The Android Pi Estimator can be downloaded at this link.

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